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Spring Trip 2012

We’re going to Disney World!  Well, at least our kids are.  Here’s everything you need to know about the trip and here is the itinerary.  Because it’s important to everyone that this trip is successful and costs are managed properly, we have a travel contract which needs to be returned by November 9.   To summarize, here are the important dates:

October 27: First installment payment is due.
November 9: Return the travel contract to Mrs. Gigliotti.
November 14: Last day to withdraw from the trip.
December 6: All passenger information and government IDs must be turned in to the airline. Don’t wait until the last minute to turn them in!
December 6: Second installment payment is due.
January 31: Third installment payment is due.
March 6: Fourth installment payment is due. This last payment amount will vary depending on the student’s fundraising efforts.

April 12 – 15: Trip to Disney World.  Here’s the itinerary.

Latest Forms

The following forms are to be collected on Wednesday, March 28.
Student Rules and Responsibilities
Epipen Authorization
Inhaler Authorization
Luggage Form
Medication Guidelines
Medication Authorization
Permission Slip
Student Information
Teacher Excused Form


To offset the cost of the trip, the following upcoming fundraisers are available:

  • Scrip (contact Sherry Newman for details
  • Citrus Sale
  • Donation Dots (each card is $87 profit)
  • Other group based fundraisers are in the works.


  • Partial Scholarships will be available
  • To be eligible students must participate in at least 2 fundraisers
  • Application is forthcoming.

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