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District XII Chorus 2013

The All-District Honor Choir is an opportunity for singers in 9-12 grade from District 12 schools to rehearse challenging music, and work with a renowned choral conductor at an advanced level. Each year the All District Chorus performances are powerful and memorable and for many students, life changing. There are two All-District Choirs. The Women’s Chorus is for grades 9 & 10. The SATB Chorus is for men grades 9-12 and women grades 11 & 12.

Congratulations to the Selected 2013 District Chorus Students

The following students were selected for this year’s District XII Chorus:

District Chorus Students
Kenyah Calhoun Emily Jenkins Maddie Planton
Madeline Cochrane Srikar Kuppa Levi Prudhomme
Jose Cortes Oskar Kylvag Charlie Quinn
Harrison DeWolfe Catherine La Valley Carlos Sanchez
Brigid Doebrich Jessica Lin Mary Severin
Jessy Eubanks Catherine Medvid Amy Shomberg
Catherine Evans William Meinert Adrianna Taweel
Emma Evans Bianca Nacu Jair Valenzuela
Rhett Fetter Eric O’Brien Samyukta Venkat
Dan Gurley Elizabeth Owens Kate York
Emily Hanbury Julia Pascal Kellye Young – Alternate

Important Highlights

  • Audition Date: Saturday, November 3, 2012 at Bishop O’Connell High School
  • Audition Time: one of 3 blocks: 8-10 AM, 10 AM-12 PM, 12-2 PM.
  • Audition Fee: About $6, depending on number of students.
  • Audition Music: He Watching over Israel, F Mendelssohn, Schirmer No. 2498
  • District Chorus XII Festival: February 7-9, 2013 at Oakton High School
  • Details can be found in the District Chorus Auditions Info file.
  • Here is the blitz session schedule to prepare for the audition.

Information for Students

Here are the sheet music files:

Guide to Measures • Soprano 1 & Alto 1 • Soprano 2 & Alto 2 • Tenor 1 & 2, Bass 1 & 2

Here are the practice mp3 files for the audition:

Alto 1 • Alto 2 • Bass 1 • Bass 2 • Soprano1 • Soprano2 • Tenor 1 and 2