Broadway Night 2018

Audition Tips

Musical Theatre Auditions 101 – TAKE AWAY TIPS

from the Director (Ryan Washabaugh)

  • Be kind and courteous to everyone you come in contact with
  • OWN your audition – the time is yours!
  • Take the time to introduce yourself “be you”
  • Properly slate your piece of music after your introduction “I will be singing “song title” from “show” – if you are singing two songs slate separately
  • Dress for success! A comfotable but dressed up version of you
  • #1 way to kill nerves is to be confidently prepared for your audition
  • 16/32 bar cuts should make sense but be the meat of the song
  • Always say thank-you at the end of your audition


The links below are good jumping off points for you to see two very different styles of good quality actor headshots:

This blog has a link to Eric Mulls page too! There is really useful concrete info about headshots.  It’s everything I would say!


Below is a link to a great blog that gives a great example of a simple musical theatre/theatre resume

Or download the Acting Resume Template