Notations – June 2, 2019

Special Thanks to the following people who helped make the Awards Night very festive & memorable last week:

Student Leadership Team – for making the Willy Wonka Night very interesting and entertaining, especially the Ensemble Superlatives

Parents/Guardians – (a) for making the Awards Night a real feast, (b) for setting up and cleaning the theatre stage and the cafeteria, and (c) for being there to support our students

Awards Night Co-Chairs: Heather Wellman, Sudha Venkat & Catherine Holt – for their time and energy organizing and preparing for this special Night of celebration

The PCA Board – for their support for the event, especially providing funds for various awards (medals, plaques, etc.)

Mrs. Gigliotti & Mrs. McCormick – for hosting the ceremony with joy and humor, but more importantly, for taking the time to recognize and appreciate the positive in each student throughout the year

Congratulations to all students, especially the seniors, for their dedication to the Chorus program and for their excellence!

Spring Concert Videos Coming Out This Week

Spring Concert performance videos will be available on Performance Archives Page of our website by this Wednesday.

Senior Rehearsal Schedule for Graduation

  • Mon, June 3: 3-4 PM
  • Tues, June 4: 3-3:30 PM

PCA Openings for Fall 2019

We urgently need a new Treasurer and a new Membership Chair for the upcoming school year.

Therefore, if you are interested in any of these positions, please email President, Susan Sather at for more information about the roles.

Enrichment Opportunities: