“We are Family” Finale Virtual Choir

We Are Family: Songs of Hope and Unity” Finale Virtual Choir

The American Pops Orchestra recorded a concert titled “We Are Family: Songs of Hope and Unity” in September 2020, featuring artists such as Laura Osnes, Morgan James, Nova Payton, and Rayshun Lamarr.  And this performance will be broadcast on PBS in May 2021.

The finale of the concert, “We Are Family” will feature:

  • Rayshun Lamarr and
  • A virtual choir made up of groups from across the country 

Join the Virtual Choir!

Here is what you need to do:

RECORDING MATERIALS: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/icd8y9feva85a2m/AADSW-imYtMhcsLeDyi5j23Xa?dl=0

  • Sheet Music for “We Are Family” (You can also access through this link)
  • Practice Tracks for each voice part (SAT only)
    • There is no bass part, so please sing the tenor line or any other voice part in your preferred octave
  • Recording Tracks
  • Video/Audio Guide for Recording

You can find the outlines of what you need to do as well as a link to access the recording materials in this flyer: We Are Family Finale – Due March 4


  • When recording, record with the guide track playing through a headphone so that you can hear it, but the audio capture will not pick up the guide track. 
  • For attire, wear something that shows off your personality, but does not cover the face.

If you have any questions about the recording, please contact Mrs. Gigliotti (RAGigliotti@fcps.edu) ASAP and she will get them clarified for you.


  • All Recordings are DUE by Friday, March 4 (MOVED UP from 3/5 due to a large number of submissions) in order to get them incorporated and sent to PBS in time for the broadcast.
  • When submitting, name your video “Your Name, Organization Name: APO We Are Family”
  • Submit them here: https://www.dropbox.com/request/KGHhiYX8fN5u5d4N27RL (This link has been created for SLHS participants.)


Once you have submitted your recordings, please complete the “We Are Family” Video Submission Confirmation Form: https://forms.gle/coYoE7jaddkAwFdJ9