As stated in the course syllabus, students will be expected to present a professional appearance for every performance. This is standard throughout FCPS Music Programs.

But beyond the requirements for the programs, appropriate attire and uniforms have other benefits for our emerging performers at South Lakes Chorus. For example:

The bottom line is that performance attire is more than just wearing the right gown or suit. The clothes you wear have an amazing influence on your state of mind and how your audience responds to your work.

See below for our uniform standards and how to get your uniforms ordered in time for our first performance.

NOTE: We still need parent volunteers for our fitting sessions. Please email Mitsuyo Sprague to volunteer.

Our first concert is on October 11, 2019.
All Chorus students MUST have their uniforms by then.

For general uniform questions, please contact Mitsuyo Sprague at msprague61@outlook.com.

Uniform fees are in addition to the Chorus Course Materials fees.
If you have any questions and/or concerns about these fees, please contact our Choral Director as soon as possible.

Rita Gigliotti: ragigliotti@fcps.edu

Uniform Requirements & Instructions for Female Students

All New Female Students

All gowns will be ordered through South Lakes High School.

GOWN FEE for All New Students

(One-time payment of $75) is to be made online through MySchoolBucks and is for gown, garment bag, knee highs, and pearls (to be kept at school.)


We will have 2 more Fitting Sessions in Girls’ Dressing Room during Chorus as follows (we cannot order your gowns unless you get fitted):

Gown Fittings

All new students (and returning students who may need a new gown) will try on different sizes and select the best fitting option.  Fittings will be conducted in the Girls’ Dressing Room.

  • Thursday, 9/5 from 8:10 to 9:36 am (1st Period)
  • Monday, 9/9 from 8:10 to 9:36 am (1st Period)

Returning Students

If you think you need a new gown, you have 2 options listed below​. ​Please talk to Mrs. G. and/or email Mitsuyo Sprague at ​mosprague@fcps.edu​ ASAP​, and we will see when we could meet (it would be helpful to meet with students who need help together.)

Option 1: We do have a few gowns in inventory.  You may bring in your old gown recently dry cleaned and with plastic still on it to see if we could provide an exchange.

Exchanges will be provided on a first-come, first-served basis.

If alterations are necessary, you will need to arrange and pay for the service yourself.  (See the information under New Students.)

Option 2: If an exchange cannot be made, you will need to order a new gown.

The cost is $75.  Please pay through MySchoolBucks (as shown under New Students) or by a check made out to SLHS.

You will need to arrange and pay for alterations yourself (see under New Students).

Note regarding returning students:

Returning students are in different ensembles - different periods - different days: blue vs. green. We will see how many need new gowns/exchanges. Thus, we will do their fittings separately from the new students - after school, for example.


  • Students must arrange/pay for alterations themselves.
  • Students will not receive their gowns until payment has been made to SLHS.
  • Gowns should be hemmed at 2 ½ inches above the floor with students wearing their concert shoes (flats or up to 2” heels) on.
    • Students will need to bring the shoes they will wear for concert to the appointment for fittings.
    • Shoe heels should not exceed 2 inches. Flats are preferred.
  • A list of approved Alterations Services & instructions will be provided with the gowns. Please get fitted in a timely manner (don’t wait until it’s, well, too late)! The concert is on 10/17!
  • The cost is around $25 -$35.

Uniform Requirements & Instructions for Male Students

We are changing style a little this year (2019-2020) – ​Instead of a full Tuxedo, all male students (new & returning) will wear White Dress Shirt, Vest, Tuxedo Pants and Tie.

All Tuxedo Components will be ordered through Metropolitan Formalwear.

THE APPROPRIATE FEES (see pricing chart below) must be paid in full at the time of fittings. Metropolitan accepts checks, cash or credit card. Parents: Please send in the full payment with your student on the day of fittings (see the schedule below.)

Uniform Pricing

Uniform ItemPriceTaxTotalNew StudentsReturning Students
White Dress Shirt$18$1.08$19.08RequiredRequired
Pants (unhemmed)$33$1.98$34.98RequiredOptional
Pants Henning$10$.60$10.60RequiredOptional
Black Vest$25$1.50$26.50RequiredOptional
Total for Complete Uniform$91.16

Uniform Fittings

New Students:

A Metropolitan Formalwear representative, Mr. Ishu, will come to school to​ ​conduct fittings during the following times

  • Wednesday, 9/4: 1:20 - 2:55 pm (8th​ Period) – Boys Dressing Room
  • Friday, 9/6: 1:20-2:55pm (8t​h​ Period) – BoysDressing

Returning students

Returning students fittings will be conducted in the Boys Dressing Room as follows:

  • During the 7t​h​ Period​ Chorus on ​Thurs, 9/5 and Mon, 9/9​ by Parent Volunteers
  • During the 8t​h​ Period​ Chorus on ​Wed, 9/4 and Fri, 9/6​ by Metropolitan Formalwear

Parents:​ ​Please send in the full payment with your student on the day of fittings.