Broadway Night 2018

Mrs G’s Core Philosophies

As we begin another year, I would like to take a moment to share with you my core teaching values with hopes that it will help you to better connect with me throughout the remaining months ahead.

1. Your child is a priority to me. I care.

I have 180+ students on my roster for the incoming school year. I am invested in every single one of them and I strive to help them to achieve their best every day. I care about their academic success and their emotional well-being. I care about the musicianship they develop and the people they become throughout high school and beyond.

2. I am committed to your child getting my best every day.

I am committed to excellence. I hold myself to very high standards and I believe that in order to be an effective teacher and role model for my students, I must continue to hone my own musical skills & knowledge through consistent practice, study, and performance.

3. My passion for your child’s success runs deep.

I have aspired to be a music teacher since I was 10 years old. I can remember the exact moment that I told my parents (driving back from a children’s choir audition) that I wanted to be a ‘professor of music.’ I started singing for anyone who would listen when I was 4 years old and began formal musical training (piano) when I was 7 years old. I have spent my entire life being a musician and preparing to be a music teacher. For me, music is not what I do, it is a part of who I am. My passion runs deep and I don’t know a day without music in my life. I eat, sleep, breath, and even dream about it.

4. I will only provide the best opportunities for your child and I will be honest with them.

Along the way I had great teachers and not so great teachers. We all have. I made a promise to myself very early on that I would always be honest with my students and that I would only provide the best opportunities for them. If they aren’t working to their potential, I will tell them and demand better. If I don’t have the answer to a question, or I think one of my colleagues can help them more, I will connect them with the next best person to help them succeed. I started my professional career as a music teacher in 2001 and I joined the South Lakes faculty in 2005. I have spent the last 10 years putting my all into building a high school choral program that provides a fundamentally strong music education that motivates and inspires student success. Every year I survey my students on what aspects of the program are most motivating, inspiring, and rewarding to them. Every year, I get the same answers: They enjoy the music we perform as part of our curricular rehearsals and concerts, but what is most exciting and memorable are the additional enrichment opportunities that are offered throughout the year. Namely: Broadway Night, SingStrong, Masterworks Concerts, District Chorus, special honors performances (performing at the state music conference, Galas, the Wizard’s game), working with guest artists, & student a cappella groups.

5. A synergistic approach is more powerful than a singular one.

I am happy to provide as many opportunities as possible for your child, but, please understand that I can’t do it alone—I need your help as well. I am always willing to give up any personal time once the school day ends and on weekends because I am invested in your child and committed to them getting the best music education possible. I am an advocate of collaboration and team work and believe that the success of the South Lakes Choral Department depends on all of us working together to achieve the one common goal, which is your child’s success. I hope that in the coming months you will continue to be an active part of this journey with me!


Sincerely, Mrs. Gigliotti