South Lakes Alumni – Virtual Choir

I am proud to share our very first virtual choir that was really to be a ‘pilot’ passion project as a means to help my students get through the first weeks of the shell shock that we were deep inside of a pandemic with not much of an end in sight. 

We learned a lot doing this project; perhaps the most important lesson being that this critical time in our world calls for music. Music is the universal language and heals the body, mind, and soul in ways we often don’t realize until there is a form of silence. For me music is a way to connect, heal, come alive, escape, and enables me to find strength. In history music is always created in association with every major event for better or for worse. It’s how we relate to the most important parts of our lives.

We are so very excited to launch our second virtual choir with all of you and our current SLHS Choral students. Bridge Over Troubled Water has been a long standing tradition of being our Spring concert closing song. Every year our Senior class is featured on the versus and underclassmen and alumni join on the choruses. It is a moment they look forward to from their Freshman year and then fondly reflect back on as one of their final moments in their high school career, as part of the SLHS chorus, once they are graduates. Most of you have had this experience.

A project of this nature requires a lot of professional production and professional editing software. It also comes with a cost. The cost for this one project is going to about $4,000 to produce which averages out to be $25 per singer.

If you are able to contribute to cover your singer fee, we would greatly appreciate your support. 

My intent for this project is to bring hope and love to our Class of 2020 and our community – at – large. This will likely be the largest choir we have ever had for Bridge Over Troubled Water and definitely will be our largest virtual choir

Let’s make history!