PCA Budget for 2020-2021

The PCA’s mission is to support the South Lakes High School Choral program. While budgeting for our choral program in a normal year isn’t easy, this year is especially hard. The PCA board has prepared a budget that provides as much support for the program while also understanding that our fundraising and membership opportunities will be limited this year.

Here is a high level overview of the budget for 2020-20201:

  • We began the fiscal year (July 1) with $21,810 in our PCA account.
  • Over the past few years we have been budgeting based on slowly working down our reserves.
    • We had projected last year’s budget to finish $3,000 less than the start of the year, but thanks to the success of Broadway Night we finished with the same amount last year as we started
  • We are projecting to raise $17,125 in 2020-2021 through PCA Memberships, donations, restaurant nights and some fundraising
  • We plan to spend $23,390 in support of the program (more below)
  • This will leave us with a net “loss” on the year of $6,265 which will leave a final amount of $15,545 in our reserves.

While we are projecting a “loss,” this is consistent with the PCA board’s plan over the past few years to draw down our reserves to the $12,000 to $15,000 range as mentioned above.

As for what we will be spending our PCA budget on, here are some of the things we cover out of this year’s budget:

  • Sheet music purchases and performance rights for performances
  • Supplemental musicians for performances (especially since we will be doing all virtual performances this year)
  • Assisting with with production costs of the virtual performances (which are professionally edited by a video editor)
  • Clinicians and workshops that add to the choral curriculum
  • T-Shirts for all chorus students
  • An administrative assistant to support Mrs G
  • PCA Administrative expenses including software, insurance, legal fees, office supplies and other expenses
  • Senior Awards and Gifts

We have scaled back quite a bit this year knowing that many “normal” activities such as conferences, honors choirs, and other in person activities will not take place this year. Even with that, we are doing our best to support the program and create community and provide the best choral experience we can for our students.

We will be voting on the PCA budget at Back to Chorus Night on Wednesday, September 16.

If you would like to review the budget in detail, please download the budget through the link below.

Download the 2020-2021 PCA Budget here.

If you have any questions about the budget before Back to Chorus Night, please email the PCA Treasurer, Ray van Hilst, at treasurer@southlakeschorus.org.