2020 South Lakes Pyramid Virtual Choir Instructions

Welcome to the South Lakes Pyramid Virtual Choir. This page includes links to all the information and resources you need.

Update on June 1: Please note there are 2 sets of links now.

  • The first set is available to users that are NOT logged in with their @fcpsschools.net Gmail/Chrome account. They are labeled (Public).
  • The second set is for users that ARE logged in with their @fcpsschools.net Gmail/Chrome account. They are labeled (FCPS).

Step 1: Get the Instructions

We have pulled together a detailed set of instructions on how to record your virtual choir submission.

Public – Click here to view the instructions (Google Docs)

FCPS – Click here to view the instructiosn (Google Docs)

Step 2: Learn Your Music

Now that you know the process, it is time to start learning your music.  Let’s start with the sheet music:

Step 3: Practice Your Music

Now, let’s get the tracks for you to sing to and eventually record to.

Elementary School Students:

This arrangement has your parts as the predominant vocals. Use this version to rehearse and record your music.

Middle School Students:

Depending on the part you are singing, there are tracks for each of you.

Step 4: Record and Upload your Video

Following the instructions you downloaded in step 1, find a quiet place and record your video.  

When you are done, upload your video here (This is a Google Drive Folder with permissions for anyone to add files to):

So that we know you have completed your video and uploaded it, please complete this Google Form

Other important notes: 

  • You will sing only your part for the recording. 
  • You can use your computer or phone audio or video. If you have a better recording mic, you can use that as well. Just maintain the 1 foot away rule to have some general consistency in recording volume. . 
  • Please sing your part EXACTLY as you hear in your part dominant track. It is essential that all cut offs are consistent and all entrances are accurate. Accuracy in music is simple – COUNT 
  • Please use good vowels as demonstrated in the choir tracks you have. 
  • Contact your music teacher for help!

Thank you for participating in the 2020 South Lakes Pyramid Virtual Choir